Saturday, February 18

a day out

 Yesterday Richard had to go to Dubai on business and I thought mmmmm there is a quilt show on in Dubai, I think I will come along for a ride. The drive over was interesting.( we hired a driver for the day) as we hurtled down the highway at 150km/hr with cars whooshing by us!! I don't know if I will ever be brave enough to drive here, you need to be able to turn right from the far left lane and left from the far right lane but there seems to be a courtesy and understanding that I guess you need to become familiar with.

 An icon of Dubai
 First port of call for me was some lunch at a wonderful sushi bar "Sumo"
 This amazing bag shop was opposite the resturant...may need to revisit this. The colours were amazing.
This one is for you Lucy.

 Finally to the quilt show.

There was a great variety of quilts on display and I will post some more tomorrow.


sue spargo said...

Love traveling with you. Say hi to Richard. Looking forward to spending time with you in August.

Lucy said...

Hello Kitty day spa - amazing! Love the bright bags too... you should treat yourself!
Miss you xxx

Susie said...

Looks like a really fun day out - what more can you want than a nice lunch, shopping and quilt show!!! Could not think of anything better!