Thursday, October 13

a weekend away

Last weekend was one of our Lancefield retreats. I love going to Lancefield - it's so nice to put your feet up, not have to work, do dishes, make the bed, worry about what's for dinner and on top of all that have a whole weekend dedicated to sewing.

It was such a productive weekend with so many projects coming together so quickly.
Nic's elephant quilt was together in next to no time!

Mindy was working on a beautiful Fans quilt which went from this...

To this in record time.

Rae was working on my Broken Glass pattern.

Loving all the red in it!
And Jen R was putting together a bright version of my Marianne pattern.

As the day rolls on and you get lost in your project and conversation, the lovely staff come and let you know that your meal is ready and the food is just heaven.

But of course this weekend was about sewing!

Helen was embellishing one of my favourite fabrics - the Megu Printed linen.

Of course with sewing weekends there's always a little show and tell.. and with show and tell, comes paparazzi!

Karen has been busy with my Circle Game blocks but doing them in soft and gentle fabrics producing a quilt that is totally to die for.

I have a lot more photos from this weekend but might have them for another day otherwise it might be quilt photo overload and the keyboard can't handle the drool!.

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Shell said...

Loving the Elephant quilt...Louie might just need one of these!!