Thursday, October 6

18.50 per meter!

There's been a lot of discussion about Australian shops and their prices recently.We've been having this discussion here at Amitie for a very long time, trying our best to get a better price for our customer We know Australian based independent businesses are more expensive than online O.S business' but we also offer a lot more support and help with a sense of community, classes and just free help we offer every day in the store.
We love our customers a lot here at Amitie and are trying our best to reward them as  they shop with us. We had $16.50 for ALL of August (and then some) and we know you all loved this so we've decided to keep our prices low.

$18.50 PER METER
(excludes Liberty of London and linen)

Not only is that a fantastic price but we'll also work out exactly how much you need so instead of buying half a meter, you can make the most of our 20cm minimum cut... It's a lot more economical!

So come in and visit us and make the most of this special price!  


Kate said...

Customers in Aus dont seem to realise that we dont get the same wholesale price as stores in the US... Congrats on doing what you can to keep business local :-)

Andi said...

Great post!!
Love your work xxx

Adele said...

You're awesome Jen!

Helene said...

Fantastic Jenny!